OG Buda will release “FreeRio 2” on April 29

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There will be 23 tracks, a fragment of one of which was published today.

OG Buda will release the album “FreeRio 2” on April 29. Its first part came out just a year ago – on April 30, 2021.

The title of the album is dedicated to Rio Da Young OG, an American rapper who was imprisoned for 5 years in 2021. He recorded a rather peculiar rap: under accelerated instrumentals without hooks and melodies, with a readable past the beat and nafristaylenymi lyrics.

On “FreeRio 2” there will be 23 tracks. One of them – “Dirty” with Scally Milano and 163onmyneck – was published last Friday, and today OG Buda posted a fragment of another.

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