Official portal of the Trans-Baikal region The presentation of the new book by the Transbaikalian local historian Irina Kurenna took place in Chita

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The book acquaints readers with Transbaikalian writers, tells about creativity during the Great Patriotic War, addresses the origins of the literary process in the region, reveals the originality of Transbaikalian literature and its bright representatives against the background of social and cultural changes in life.

The event was attended by writers, journalists, university professors, artists of the Trans-Baikal Regional Drama Theater, musical groups – “Coastal Beyond” and “Wind of Change” of the Trans-Baikal Regional Philharmonic named after Oleg Lundström.

Poems, prose and songs performed by the Honored Artist of Transbaikalia Yevgeny Nimaev, artists Alexei Pletnev, Yulia Ilnitskaya and Bato Ayushiev were performed for the guests.

Irina Kurennaya – Candidate of Historical Sciences, member of the Union of Journalists, member of the Union of Writers of Russia, Honored Worker of Culture of the Russian Federation. Author of popular science books – “Flying from the depths of the ages”, “The Mystery of Nicholas Witsen”, “Transbaikal Autumn”. Literary holidays “,” The way to the star “,” I am proud that I am a reader. ” Author and compiler of industry publications – “Coal Chronicle of Transbaikalia”, “Energy of Search”, “Chita”. City in Time ”and other books.

Press Service of the Ministry of Culture of Transbaikalia, Anastasia Koshechkina.

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