Official portal of the Trans-Baikal region Presentation of the book “Trans-Baikal Front in the Manchurian operation. August 1945 “took place in Chita

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Addressing the readers, Nikolai Gordeev, a full member of the Academy of Military Sciences, Doctor of History, Professor, Director of the Center for Scientific Research of Russian-Chinese Relations, noted that the book is the result of a study of the Transbaikalian Front’s participation in the Manchurian Strategic Offensive.

“The publication covers the actions of the troops of the Trans-Baikal Front, workers of the rear, who together with the fighters stood up to defend their homeland on its eastern borders. An important mission in the Manchurian operation was carried out by Transbaikalian border guards. The book is co-authored by Lieutenant General Sergei Zhdanov, who, based on historical knowledge and based on his many years of practical experience in the implementation of state tasks to protect the important Transbaikalian section of the state border, accurately and accurately described the fighting of the border troops during the war with Japan. said Nikolai Gordeev.

The presentation was attended by well-known scientists and public figures of the Transbaikalia and Irkutsk region, students of the Faculty of History and Philology of ZabGU, members of the “Heirs of Victory” detachment of the regional branch of the All-Russian military-patriotic public movement “Unarmiya”. In addition, there was an online broadcast, so everyone could participate in the event remotely. Speakers spoke positively about the scientific publication, assessing its fundamentality, significance and relevance. This year the second supplemented edition of the book was published.

The press service of the government of the Trans-Baikal region, Julia Dyatlova (according to the regional branch of the RVIO).
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