Now TVs are also suitable for this. The Nifty Gateway platform for buying and selling NFT has appeared on Samsung Smart TV

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Earlier this year, Samsung introduced the NFT Platform app for its smart TVs, which allows users to find, buy and sell NFT directly from the TV. At the time of the announcement, this feature was not available.

Samsung has now announced a partnership with Nifty Gateway, a major NFT trading platform. Now this platform is integrated into the NFT Platform of smart TVs of the Korean giant. In addition, a separate Nifty application will appear on The Frame and Micro-LED models.

Using Samsung and Nifty Gateway technologies, customers can seamlessly view, display and interact with NFT without getting up from their couch. In addition, customers will have access to more than 6,000 works of art from budding and leading artists, including Beeple, Daniel Arsham, Pak and others.

Nifty Gateway’s mission is to reach NFT to a billion people, empowering creators and making it easier for customers to buy, sell, create and store NFT. We strive to make NFT affordable and make NFT shopping more convenient than ever. With our mission in mind, we look forward to working with Samsung to develop an innovative NFT collection experience. Their commitment to the user experience and focus on the highest quality displays are in line with our vision, allowing anyone to interact with their favorite creators anywhere.

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