Novosibirsk residents will be able to listen to the legendary “Cinema” at the DKZ on April 4 performed by the symphony orchestra | NGS

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Songs that have been loved for generations

“Music fills every cell of the body like the ocean, and there is nothing but me, the orchestra and” Cinema “,” Goosebumps, concert – power “,” Another proof that Tsoi is alive “- after the concert” Symphonic ” Cinema “” people write hundreds of enthusiastic reviews from different cities.

People love to listen to Tsoi for several generations, everyone will find a favorite song that will be his beacon for life. “My parents still have those rockers, they listen to” Kino “every day. I fell in love with Tsoi in eighth grade, and my 5-year-old daughter keeps asking me to turn on “I Want Change.” So it is went to the concert with the whole family, everyone liked it. My aunt and friends live in Novosibirsk, I bought them tickets as soon as I saw the poster, “said Alla, a resident of St. Petersburg, who recalls the concert of the Symphony” Cinema “with pleasure.

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