“Novocherkassk. Bloody Noon “- a new edition of Tatiana Bocharova’s book about the events in Novocherkassk in 1962

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Rostov region, 6 April 2022. TV channel “DON 24”. The author of the book, Tatiana Bocharova, described the peculiarities of those events, their connection with time and actors, the search for burials and other aspects of the case.

Tatiana Bocharova, author of the book “Novocherkassk. Bloody noon “:
“Constantly studying additional documents, I understand that the 26 deaths, counted then, in 1962 and in 1994 according to the results of the criminal case – a coincidence. That’s not true. “

The study of the causes and circumstances of the events in Novocherkassk in 1962, as well as the perestroika decade are closely connected with the then general political processes in the country and the time, which is carefully studied by the author. The first part of “Shot City” – based on documents, evidence, archival materials, summarized as a historical study. In live form, the author, talking about the actions of the strikers, explained to the children the spirit of the time.

“Bonfires were burned from portraits of great chiefs. If you saw photos of your parents, we wore these portraits at the May 1 and November 7 demonstrations. We studied the materials of the congresses, took notes. This was the most powerful ideological treatment of the 70’s. It was a mechanism that allowed a huge multinational country to run. And I won’t say it was bad. “

The second part – “Phoenix Effect” – is a memoir and describes the period of perestroika since the late 80’s, in which some materials were declassified and much has been investigated.

Tatiana Bocharova, author of the book “Novocherkassk. Bloody noon “:
“The book is not the result of my purposeful action on the book, it is my report on the work done. When the opportunity arose to study materials between epochs, between power. “

At the presentation, students of Novocherkassk colleges listened with interest to the revived pages of history. The local guys know about it from the stories of the elders. The author presented books to especially interested people.

This, her third edition, the most supplemented and illustrated by teenagers, was published by the Moscow International Publishing House, the University Library.

The book is also recommended as a textbook. Interest in it has not waned since its first edition in 2002.

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