Not to see the Bavarian Opera Volochkova

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Director of the Bavarian Opera Serge Dorney

Sorry for source (some StarHit there), but it was very funny.

The abolition of Russian culture around the world has led to monstrous results – Russians are not allowed to act in movies, play in the theater and perform on stage. Even Anna Netrebko, who has been living abroad for many years, made ridiculous accusations. So, in April, she was suddenly removed from all European productions.

“By the way, I was the first to do so. And, despite the fact that Valery Gergiev is a good friend of mine, I fired him. I also fired opera singer Anna Netrebko and some ballet dancers, “said Serge Dorney, director of the Bavarian Opera, who said” people should be divided into different categories. “

The cultural figure made such a statement on the air of a new show of pranksters Vovan and Lexus “Will”. They called Dorny on behalf of the Minister of Culture of Ukraine.

“Yes, I terminated all contracts with Anna. The honesty of her statements is questionable. In any case, they were made too late. We have no plans to cooperate with Netrebko in the future. We gave it up. I told her everything over the phone: “You went to Donetsk, you were raising money. And now you say you are not engaged? You are in politics, then out of it, when it is unprofitable for you. I do not understand this, “said the head of the Bavarian Opera.

His words infuriated the guests in the studio – they became prominent representatives of opera and ballet. For example, Anastasia Volochkova, who was present at the draw, was shocked by Dorny’s words and believes that he needs to be fired immediately.

“I started my journey in the same theater with Anna Netrebko. Whatever happens, we must remain human. Creative people are out of politics in general, what is Netrebko doing here? ” – The former prima is indignant.

The blonde noted that if she gets a call from the Bavarian Theater tomorrow, she will send them far and long.because she does not intend to tolerate such an attitude towards her country and colleagues.

It should be noted that after Netrebko began to “cancel”, she published a post in which she said that she had nothing to do with politics and just wanted to be creative.

Well, all, do not see the Bavarian Opera Volochkova, let at least call! Let the elbows bite now!

And about “creative people in general out of politics” – let the blonde tell all these masks, armless, singers, boyars, kalyagins and other actors selling demons.

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