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Not mom? What role in the life of the twins Pugacheva initially assigned to herself

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Maxim Galkin once revealed himself about the most personal.

Alla Pugacheva with her daughter Lisa. Photo: frame from the YouTube project “How to talk?”

Showman Maxim Galkin did not hide that it was the Prima Donna who initiated the appearance of common children in their family. At first, the TV presenter was not burning with regret to have heirs. But wise Alla Pugacheva she insisted that her husband feel the joy of fatherhood.

The singer understood that someday Maxim will definitely want to have babies. Therefore, the Prima Donna decided not to delay the appearance of heirs in the family.

By the way, twins Harry and Lisa were born to them by a surrogate mother. Only the artist’s eldest daughter, Christina Orbakayte, knew that the couple was preparing to have children. Everyone else, including close friends, Maxim and Alla told about the replenishment when the twins were born.

Daughter of singer Alla Pugacheva - Lisa Galkina
Lisa Galkina with a pet. Photo: personal archive

Now Alla Pugacheva is vacationing with her family in Israel. For the second month, the twins are missing classes at an elite gymnasium near Moscow. Although many fans believe that the children of the Prima Donna can learn remotely.

In an interview for the YouTube project “How to talk?” Maxim Galkin admitted what role the singer initially played in the lives of their common children. At first, the actress thought she would feel like a grandmother next to the kids. But everything turned out differently.

Singer Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin
Alla Pugacheva thought that she would feel like a grandmother next to the twins Harry and Lisa, but she became their absolute mother. Photo: Larisa Kudryavtseva KP

“She morally prepared herself to be such a grandmother, but as a result she became an absolute mother, and, in my opinion, the best mother possible. By how much she gives them, how much she knows. Although I seem to think well, I learned many things from her: how to behave with children, how to talk to them, what we should give them, “- said Maxim.

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