Nostalgic playlist of doram soundtracks

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Soundtracks allow viewers to better understand and feel some scenes, sometimes almost signaling what emotions to expect. But they are also able to evoke nostalgia for the dramas they once watched, even many years later.

Here are some soundtracks to the dramas that will take you back 10 or more years!

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1. Stand by Me – SHINee (“Flowers after berries”)

2. Losing My Mind – Lee Son Guy (“My girlfriend is Kumiho”)

3. Perhaps Love – HowL and J (“Palace”)

4. Paradise – T-Max (“Flowers after berries”)

5. The First Time in The First place – Ли Бо Рам (“Full house”)

6. That Woman – Beck Ji Yoon (“Mysterious Garden”)

7. Back in Time – Lyn (“The sun in the arms of the moon”)

8. The One and Only – Kim Su Hyun (“The sun in the arms of the moon”)

9. From the Beginning Till Now – Ryu (“Winter Sonata”)

10. Still – Lee Honki (“You’re beautiful!”)

11. Reason – Chon Il Yong (“Autumn in my heart”)

12. Snow Flower – Pak Hyo Shin (“Sorry, I love you”)

13. Ave Maria – Kim A Joon (“200 pounds of beauty”)

14. Destiny – Lee Son Uk (“The Witch in Love”)

15. She Is – Clazziquai (“My name is Kim Sam Sun”)

16. I Miss You – Kim Bom Soo (“Stairs to Heaven”)

17. To Your Side – Cho Son Mo. (“Lovers in Paris”)

18. I Believe – Shin Son Hong (“My unbearable girl”)

19. One Love – Loveholic (“Spring Waltz”)

20. Shameless Lie – Guyun (“Try to deceive me!”)


Missing you like crazy – Theon (“King of two hearts”)

Inoo – Kyuhyun (“God of War”)

I think I… – White (“Full house”)

My Bus! – Chan Gin Sok (“Mary, where have you been all night?”)

If – Theon (“Hon Gil Don – The Legend of the Honest Thief”)

These are just some of the soundtracks that can bring back memories of Korean doras! What is your favorite soundtrack and what soundtracks make you nostalgic?

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