“Nobody needs this war.” Dozens of Russian celebrities spoke out against the war in Ukraine

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Dozens of Russian artists, TV presenters and other celebrities have spoken out on social media against Russia’s military action in Ukraine. Some published video appeals, others limited themselves to a black background instead of a photo and the hashtag #netwine.

Among those who spoke out against Russia’s military action in Ukraine are TV presenters Ivan Urgant, Anastasia Ivleeva, Ksenia Sobchak, singers Yuri Shevchuk, Sergei Lazarev, Valery Meladze, Ivan Dorn, Manizha, Teona Kontridze, footballer Fedor Smolov, chess player Jan Nepomnyaschiy. Khamatova, Danila Kozlovsky, Irina Starshenbaum, Marina Zudina, Katerina Spitsa, Daria Poverennova, Alika Smekhova, writers Alexander Tsypkin, Boris Akunin, comedians Alexander Dolgopopov, Denis Chuzhoy and others.

Valery Meladze, singer

Valery Meladze recorded a video in which he stated: “Today something happened that could not and should never have happened. History will one day judge and put everything in its place.”

“Well, today I want to ask you, I beg you to sit down at the negotiating table. People must be able to negotiate, for this we are given a language, for this we are given all abilities. People should not die. This should stop. It must stop,” Meladze said. to whom he is addressing.

Yuri Shevchuk, musician

“Today we gathered for a rehearsal with the musicians, everyone is shocked. It’s a pipe… We won’t swear, but it’s a complete shit, there’s nothing to say. It’s even hard for me to speak,” Shevchuk told the BBC.

This war is needed by the lunatics who have gone mad. At the moment, our “Kremlin” people, people who have attached a feudal way of thinking. I now think that society can do. Here we have a tour planned – and we think to go, not to go, what to play, if to go? On the one hand, not to give concerts that are planned… Or on the contrary, to talk about all this. Maybe it’s even right. Am I afraid? Do what you have to do and whatever will happen. “

Irina Prokhorova, publisher

Irina Prokhorova, head of the New Literary Review, told the BBC: “My God, what’s the point of commenting?… Nobody seems to need this war. Except, perhaps, for a small group of people who are in the grip of crazy ideas about the restoration of the Soviet Union. All I can read now are the comments of very different people – all in horror. Nobody needs this war. can bring war except grief, shame and horror?

Now everyone is asking this question – what can be done? But society is now demoralized. The horrors of war are still like ghosts over us. I would like to hope for some solidarity among the people, so that everyone would say that this war is terrible and disgusting, it should not be.

Vladimir Bortko, director, former State Duma deputy from the Communist Party

“I’m not happy about what is happening. How can I be happy about the war? I don’t know what’s going on yet, I’m watching all sorts of sources on the Internet and other sources – and what’s going on so far. I don’t know. Any war evokes, to put it mildly, negative emotions, “said the BBC director.

“Who needs this war? Let’s see. Tomorrow I’ll tell you who needs this war. What can society do to stop this war? I’m not going to stop it, I want to understand why, that’s all. And I’m not going to stop it “It may well be completely justified,” he added.

Timati, rapper

Singer Timati was equally ambivalent, saying that no one needed a war, but “no one needs a strong Russia either.”

Somewhere overseas sitting in an office drinking tea, someone clapping their hands over the repeal of the Minsk agreements, and tweeting about the main evil of humanity, producing this script in detail and putting it into action. I’m very, very sorry that we have come to this point, it would seem, of non-return. We need dialogue. And peace, two countries very close in their mentality, “he said.

Alexander Dolgopolov, comedian

“Nobody needs this war, except the mad old men who rule our country and want to stay in office at the expense of the war. It’s awful, it’s wild, I’m ashamed that I was born and live in this country, I’m infinitely sorry, I’m It hurts, it is sad, it is an indelible stain on all of us, we did not have time to stop Putin and now the whole world is paying for it, “Alexander Dolgopolov told the BBC.

“We can now only speak out against the war, use our resources to help those who are imprisoned for protests, put up posters against the war, persuade others, boycott this system as much as possible – do not work for the state, do not take their money, give up all support There are many ways, do your best, but take care of yourself! ” he added.

Denis Stranger, comedian

“I have no idea why we started this war,” said the BBC. “I don’t understand the logic of it at all. how it started and when it will end, apparently when the person who started it will achieve his goals – but again, I do not understand what these goals are!

This is a complete absurdity. My wife and I, we come from the Kursk region, it is close to Ukraine, we have many relatives and friends there. And I perform there at least once a year, which I always look forward to. And now it’s all in question, we’re sitting with the organizer of Ukrainian concerts – and we’ve already had this stupid awkwardness, as if it’s partly on me – what’s happening. Terrible. My wife and I, to be honest, spent the whole morning studying emigration options. “

Maniza, singer

“This is the morning when you regret waking up. You don’t know where to go, who to help. I’m sitting on the corner of the bed and crying. I’m crying because it’s not my choice. The current aggression against my will, against the will of my family, I believe that it is against the will of our peoples. […] Russia and Ukraine are not just two countries. We are relatives. Any war between us is fratricidal. ” wrote singer Maniza, who represented Russia at last year’s “Eurovision”.

Boris Akunin, writer

Writer Boris Akunin statedthat a new, terrible era began on February 24: “I couldn’t believe until the very end that Putin would start this absurd war – and I was wrong. I always believed that reason would win in the end – and I was wrong. Madness won.”

“People are dying, blood is being shed. Russia is ruled by a mentally insane dictator, and, worst of all, she obediently follows his paranoia. I know that Putinland and Russia are not the same, but now there is no difference for the whole world,” he said. he added.

Ivan Dorn, singer

“Today my country has woken up from the explosions. Today the state authorities of the Russian Federation have launched a full-scale war against my country. <...> I urge you not to take part in this deadly war. We do not need anyone, we want to decide our own destiny. let’s stop this catastrophe together. Don’t keep quiet. ”

Noize MC, singer, musician

I was awakened by a text message from my cousin from Belgorod at 6:52: “We have a bang.” Immediately began to receive messages from Ukrainian friends: “Kiev is fired at with ballistic missiles”, “People are called to bomb shelters”, etc. Under yesterday’s video on the song “Hundred Years’ War” on YouTube still write comments in the spirit: “Already and about some war songs are written there, but no and there will be nothing! What’s on your mind? Not clear. Do you still not understand something? “

Russia has attacked Ukraine, and the fact that Russia’s representative to the UN “forbids” it to call it a war does not change the essence of what is happening. “There is an ass, but no words,” as they say. Some subscribers were outraged yesterday by my wording: “We can only honestly record what is happening” – they understood it as “stand, watch and do nothing.” But “honestly recording what is happening” in my case is to say in public that now in the Russian Federation is in itself a punishable act.

I went to my first rally against the actions of the Putin regime in 2011. At the extreme – in 2021. It is a pity that all this did not play any role and did not prevent my country from becoming IT. There is no excuse for everything we are seeing now. Sur and hell. “

Who else spoke about Russia’s military actions in Ukraine

“Today is the first day of my life, when the thought flashed through my head that maybe it’s good that my grandmother didn’t live to see it. I woke up at 7:30, turned on the phone around 8, and now I’m reading, reading, the letters flicker before eyes, but I seem to have forgotten how to read, “she admitted actress Katerina Spica.

Her colleague, Irina Starshenbaum wrote: “How did we get to this? Then why do we remember every May 9 how much pain and loss the war brought us? I do not want to believe it. We did not choose it. Nothing justifies the war, and I have no words to to express all the pain and horror of this morning. Ukrainians, please forgive me for my helplessness. We wish an immediate end to these monstrous actions. ”

Video caption,

“We are against the war”: Meladze, Transverse and other stars about the war in Ukraine

“I have no words … I can’t believe what happened. I was, am and will be against the war. And I didn’t give birth to and raise my sons for that … and my friends in Ukraine didn’t raise their boys for that either. Stop this nightmare! ” she declared actress Alika Smekhova.

While yesterday it was possible to argue whether it was necessary or not to recognize the DNR and LNR, real hostilities began (according to the news), which could not be done. This is a mistake that could lead to total catastrophe. Recognize the independence of disputed territories is one thing. another, “he stressed writer Alexander Tsypkin.

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