“No one will ever believe me again”

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Journalists from The Hollywood Reporter managed to catch Andrew Garfield at the Oscars and talk to him about a full return to the role of Spider-Man. The actor admitted that he is insanely happy with such a stormy reaction from fans. Garfield saw the demands of fans on social media to return him to this role and continue the dilogy “New Spider-Man”. He would be happy to share the news, but now he is afraid that no one will believe him.

Because of his words before the release of “Spider-Man: No Way Home”, where Garfield completely denied his participation, the actor is afraid to give clear comments about it. The actor said that now viewers do not trust his words and have the right to do so. He also added that he has no news yet, but Garfield is definitely not giving up the role.

According to the latest rumors, Sony and Marvel are currently negotiating with the actor about his participation in the film franchise.

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