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Nikolai Baskov: The Russians were not impressed by the tears of the departed “stars”

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Nikolai Baskov is a patriot. The artist is not going to leave Russia and build a new life abroad. The musician is sure that the escaped colleagues will soon regret their decision.

“I received a lot of threats and insults, but I felt supported
a multimillion-dollar audience – everyone and everyone. I felt it on the Internet, in everyday life, and at concerts. Our lives are built on truth and the pursuit of justice. We have nothing to be ashamed of… The Russians were not impressed by the tears of the departed “stars” – people perceived it as self-purification of society from those who have never really been on the side of the people, “said the 45-year-old singer on social networks.

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Baskov believes that citizens need to unite, help each other and reach out. And only then will be able to cope with all the troubles. “This is just the beginning of straightening our wings, our flight in the development of the country, its transformation in many senses and areas. We must be even more attentive to each other, appreciate our common values, support others in development, and together make life in the country full and interesting! ” – Nikolai noted.

Although the artist does not support the departed stars, he defended Anna Netrebko. According to Baskov, the opera diva was literally forced to renounce Russia…

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“Europe wanted to force us to give up our homeland and then trample it down. Their main goal is to first humiliate us with their sanctions, steal our money and property, and then destroy everything Russian, that is, just us and you, “he said.

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