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Nikolai Baskov shared his emotions with fans after the babies were born.

The People’s Artist of Russia is accustomed to keeping his personal life a secret, and his loyal fans do not lose hope that one day he will have a wife and a full-fledged family. The day before, Nikolai Baskov decided to reveal a secret to the public: a joyful event related to the birth of babies took place in his life.

The fact is that his favorite cat Chanel has had offspring: two nice little kittens were born the day before. The musician posted a touching video on his microblog, in which the new mother feeds the babies. Nikolai Baskov himself, apparently, was very much looking forward to this event, because behind the scenes he admired and shouted: “Well, finally! It’s over!”. Then he turned to the cat, calling her “beautiful”, and admitted that he could not take his eyes off what was happening – it’s so cute. “You can look at it indefinitely,” the artist concluded.

Fans of the People’s Artist could not pass by the joy of his idol and began to congratulate him on the addition. Many users jokingly called him father and wished health to the kids and strength to mom.

“Congratulations, Daddy! What happiness! What charm! And they will sing?” – Enthusiastic fans wrote under the publication of Nikolai Baskov.


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