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Valery Nikolaev, who needed the help of psychiatrists, is in the clinic of good will. The actor signed a consent for treatment. Komsomolskaya Pravda journalists learnedand that before the breakdown, after which Valery was hospitalized, he left his wife and son and settled in a hotel.

Now it became clear that the inadequate actions made by Nikolaev recently were a consequence not of whims or bad character, and displays of illness. The star of the TV series “Birthday Bourgeois”, for example, behaved inappropriately in the project of the TV channel “Russia” “Dancing with the Stars”. Nikolaev has excellent choreographic preparation, and he had all chances to reach the final, but because of all the time arranging scandals, was compelled to leave the project.

The artist is now in a relationship with his wife and son, communicating with them via video link.

Preliminary diagnosis of Valery Nikolaev at hospitalization: bipolar disorder – a mental illness.

Valery Nikolaev, who was recently hospitalized from a special detention center of the police department to the capital’s psychiatric clinic, was visited by human rights activists.

Николаев stated to his public figures that he was doused with hot tea in a special detention center after a fight. However members of ONK noted that at Nikolaev some abrasions on hands, around wrists, and small reddening of the left eyelid. In their opinion, it does not look like burns.

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