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Nikita Mikhalkov’s grandson crashed in an accident

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Voronin star Ekaterina Volkova told how she pulled Peter Mikhalkov out of a wrecked Mercedes

Grandson Nikita Mikhalkov got into a terrible accident. From the car he was in Peter Mikhalkov, almost nothing left. The young man is injured.

Details of the accident involving Nikita Mikhalkov’s grandson near Moscow have become known. After hitting the ice, the driver lost control and the car flew to the curb, crashing into a tree and a pole. Peter Mikhalkov and the daughter of a famous designer Diana were passengers and badly injured.

Behind the wheel of the Mercedes, which literally shattered, was the son of a millionaire named Artem. His girlfriend, Diana, was sitting in the front passenger seat. She is the daughter of a famous designer. Behind her was the director’s grandson Peter Mikhalkov. He is the son of Stepan Mikhalkov. Stepan is the eldest son of Nikita Sergeevich from the actress Anastasia Vertinskaya.

The young people were driving along Ilyinsky Highway towards the Alexander Nevsky Church on Nikolina Gora. As witnesses later explained, including a famous actress Ekaterina Volkovawhich was one of the first to stop near the scene of the accident, a foreign car was flying at high speed.

Nikita Mikhalkov’s grandson had a terrible accident. Photo: personal Instagram page of the actress

“I can’t help but share with you, because if it saves someone’s life, it’s not in vain… A group of teenagers aged 17-18, unable to manage, turned over at full speed. Two guys miraculously escaped with bruises, but the girl was specifically broken. The driver is inexperienced, well, and in addition teenagers show off »– the actress thinks.

She published terrible shots. There is almost nothing left of the foreign car. Together with the others, the star of “Voronin” began to pull the guys out of the car, fearing that it would catch fire.

Rescuers had to cut out the passenger with an autogen. The girl has broken both legs. Doctors are fighting for her life.

Both guys had broken faces, were in shock. They were rescued by airbags, the site reports

As Mikhalkov’s grandson later told police, he did not understand or remember how it all happened. A young man was sitting on the phone. I woke up when he was pulled out of the car.

Main PHOTO: Global Look Press

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