Nikita Mikhalkov commented on the imposition of sanctions against himself

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The filmmaker was blacklisted in Latvia.

Last week, Latvian authorities decided to impose sanctions on Russian cultural figures. The blacklist includes more than 25 names of famous actors, musicians and directors. Among them was Nikita Mikhalkov.

Celebrities have already spoken out about the sanctions imposed on them. The vast majority of the reaction was very calm. Thus, Nikolai Rastorguev, who was also banned from entering the country, made it clear that he was not worried about these restrictions. And the actress Maria Shukshina said that she was not even going to go to the country that was the first to ban the symbol of victory – St. George’s ribbon.

Nikita Mikhalkov also reacted to the sanctions. The creator of the drama “Tired of the Sun” subtly expressed his contempt.

“And where is it?” – he answered the journalist’s question with irony RIA Novosti»On the ban on entry into Latvia.

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