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Nikita Dzhigurda walked along Larisa Dolina

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The actor said that he was completely on the side of Vali Carnival in her conflict with the actress.

Nikita Dzhigurda. Photo: Global Look Press

Actor Nikita Dzhigurda only the first day of the project “Stars in Africa”, but has already managed to impress absolutely all participants. He showed himself both as a gainer and as a compassionate man.

Dzhigurda immediately christened all the fair sex goddesses. And Valya Carnival supported in the scandal with Larisa Dolina, when the People’s Artist advised tiktokershe better not to sing, because people first get the appropriate education, and then go on stage, not vice versa.

Valya Carnival. Photo: social networks

Dzhigurda admitted that, unlike other peers, he always stands for the youth. And walked through the Valley.

“In Valyusha’s dispute with Dolina, I was completely, little goddess, on your side. Because no matter how professional Larka is, I see behind this the understanding that her time is up. There are stars who turn bronze with age and forget how they rose, ”said the artist.

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