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Nika Belotserkovskaya hosted Ukrainian singer Olya Polyakova at her villa in France

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Belotserkovskaya has been living abroad for a long time and not anywhere, but in a luxurious villa on the Cote d’Azur. The 51-year-old blogger often hosts stellar girlfriends, including Ksenia Sobchak and Matilda Shnurova. So, the author of cookbooks invited Olya Polyakova.

The blogger decided to help the singer in a difficult situation, so she let her into her home indefinitely. By the way, Polyakova settled with Belotserkovskaya together with her two daughters. “Nick called me and immediately offered it,” Olya said on the YouTube show “Caution: Sobchak.”

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What will happen next – 43-year-old Polyakova can not guess, she just wonders: will she be able to return to the stage, provide for the children with dignity and be a successful artist? “Will I ever sing in Russian… And I don’t know if I will sing at all. Will anyone need music? Will my profession be needed? ” – the performer asks.

Of course, Olya does not intend to use Niki’s kindness for a long time. At the first opportunity, Polyakova will leave for Ukraine.

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“I really want to go home, that’s all I think about. When I’m told it’s beautiful there… I can’t enjoy it. I do not see all this “beautiful”. This is the only thing that keeps me going – we will return home… What can we complain about? We are alive. This is very important, “the singer concluded.

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