NFT platforms for photographers are crowding Instagram

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The Quantum Art platform for artists, which currently has a total sales of about $ 10 million, is gaining popularity.

Quantum Art, startup Justin Aversano, known for sales the most expensive NFT photography in the world is trying to make photography as a kind of activity again profitable for those who have suffered from the promotion of Instagram and free content distribution services.

Platform is an NFT trading platform for photographers, primarily aimed, according to its creators, at “offline photographers”. At the moment, the highest price paid for photography on the platform was 15 ETH, or more than 47 thousand US dollars.

“We were paid with likes and comments, and all our work was devalued because things got scrolling, and [мы] lost the love for images and made everything disposable “, – Aversano himself writes about the goals of creating Quantum Art. The photographer himself came up with the idea after a series of his works Twin Flames, each depicting a separate pair of twins, became phenomenally successful. One of Aversano’s works sold for 871 ETH last November, or just over $ 4 million, and became one of the most expensive photographs ever sold.

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At the moment, a stable community has been formed around the site, which is growing steadily. Aversano plans to accelerate this process with a series of art centers with a personal presence, the first of which is planned to be held in Los Angeles. According to the photographer, Quantum, which recently raised $ 7.5 million from True Ventures, plans to expand its presence in arts other than photography.

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