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Every year in May Maxim Leonidov comes to Israel with concerts. Despite the cataclysms, this year will not be an exception. Concerts to be, and not only in May, but also in June.

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Maxim Leonidov, a singer, songwriter, musician whose songs are memorized by many generations of viewers, has been known and loved in Israel for a long time, since the early 90’s, when Maxim lived in the country, played and sang on the Israeli stage. By that time, those who grew up on the songs of the group “Secret” grew up with the performer and appreciated him as a multifaceted artist, including theatrical.

Since then, Maxim has managed to return to Moscow, blow up the radio with the songs “Vision Girl” and “Don’t Let Him Go”, move to St. Petersburg, create a band “HippoBand”, become an author and actor on top of popular musicals, survive quarantine with online concerts, triumphantly return to the air with the song “Mont Amur” to the music of Israeli singer Hanan Ben Ari, and then resume concert activities around the world.

This year’s concerts in Israel will be special. As Leonidov recently celebrated his 60th birthday, of course, on stage, with concerts “I’m a pretty young god”, the tour will also be marked by the anniversary.

The solo concert program “I’m a pretty young god” consists of both hits and new songs. Viewers will see and hear a completely different Leonidov. Leonid’s singer, actor and even stand-up comedian.

Because Maxim’s communication with the audience is not always formal, emotional, full of incredible stories and great humor.

In May-June 2022, Maxim Leonidov will give several solo concerts “I’m a pretty young god” in different cities of Israel.

Tel Aviv – 25/05
Carmiel – 02/06
Ashdod – 03/06
Beer Sheva – 10/06
Haifa – 23/06
Netanya – 29/06

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