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He is always welcome in Israel, his performances are always eagerly awaited. And every time he goes on stage, the hall instantly has a feeling of celebration, an atmosphere of joy and good mood. Every word, every joke, every miniature and every reprise is honed to filigree brilliance. At his concerts, the audience laughs uncontrollably and admires the artist’s skill.

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Today it is hard to believe, but the young, handsome and imposing Galkin on the professional stage is almost 30 years old. His creative path began in 1994 at the MSU Student Theater. And after participating in the same year in the program “Debuts, Debuts, Debuts” he was talked about not only by viewers but also professionals. Later, at one of the concerts, he was noticed by Boris Brunov and invited to his Variety Theater. Mikhail Zadornov called Galkin his “successor” and took him on tour. Simultaneously with his pop career, Maxim Galkin began to appear more and more often on TV screens – both as a parody artist and as a presenter. Today he is one of the most popular media figures. In different years, programs with his participation (“Who wants to be a millionaire?”, “Two stars”, “Best of all!”, “Maxim Maxim”, “Tonight” and many others) have consistently led in TV ratings and enjoyed genuine audience love. At the peak of attention and his entertaining Internet show “Musicality” on the YouTube channel “Gazgolder” – today this popular program has more than 6 million views.

Over the years, Maxim Galkin has managed an incredible amount on the stage and on the TV screen: to create and “roll” a series of great solo programs and benefits around the world; become a host of many television programs, including his own shows; to be the winner of many prestigious awards, including “TEFI” in the nomination “Leader of the entertainment program” for the children’s talent show “Best of all!”, and most importantly – to win the hearts of millions and become the youngest classic of humor and pop.

It is this unique “Galkin” combination of youth and wisdom, sense of humor and multifaceted talent that turn his solo concerts into bright grand shows that cannot be attributed to any one genre. Generously endowed with a variety of talents, Maxim at his concerts delicately combines parodies and songs, humor and soulful conversation, generously endowing it all with sparkling improvisations. With each new number in the hall there is a feeling of joy, good mood and reckless celebration. Galkin elegantly and skillfully manages the mood of the audience, not letting their attention for a minute. The audience knows many of his monologues by heart, but is still ready to listen to them again. Moreover, depending on the mood of both the audience and the artist, a well-known sketch can instantly acquire new funny details and get the most unexpected roll in one direction or another, and then turn into the most incredible enchanting finale in front of an amazed audience.

By the way, Max is able to control the mood of the audience and does it elegantly, not letting go of the viewer’s attention for a second, connecting the stage and the hall with invisible threads. His humor is always topical, flexible and really funny. And the way he feels about the audience, controls its emotional state, most likely, and is his most important artistic quality, which is possessed only by great masters of their craft.

Perhaps the secret of the success of Galkin’s performances is that the artist simply talks to the audience sincerely, as if telling about his life to old friends he met unexpectedly. And there is always something to tell him – just a fable about his big star family will be more than enough for several programs. Probably that’s why his rooms do not become obsolete, his halls are not empty, and jokes do not lose their luster. After all, real talent never goes out of style…

Especially for his big Israeli concerts in June, Maxim, as always, has prepared a completely new program, consisting of new images and numbers. His new show opens a new page in his work – original, bold and moderately adventurous. Galkin in Israel again intends to surprise the audience and even slightly shock him. Moreover, we know that Israel has long been a stranger to Max, so his attitude to language and to the viewer of the Promised Land has also been special to him for a long time – warm, respectful and kindred.

Of course, you can’t do without your favorite parodies, humorous sketches and songs. But they, as we know, can shine with new unexpected faces at any moment, without losing any artistic value. Entering into an organic reaction with the new material, they splash fireworks on the viewer with explosive emotions and impressions. It has long been well known in Israel that every concert by Maxim Galkin is a guarantee of a great mood on the day of the meeting with the artist, and a long time later.

Israeli performances of Maxim Galkin’s new program, filled with infectious laughter, good mood and positive energy, will be held:

June 3, Friday, at 20:00 – in Tel Aviv (Tel Aviv University, Smolarsh auditorium);
June 4, Saturday, at 20:00 – in Beersheba (Center for the Performing Arts, Great Hall);
June 5, Sunday, at 20:00 – in Kiryat Motskin (“Geyhal ha-Teatron”);
June 6, Monday, at 20:00 – in Ashdod (Center for the Performing Arts);
Tuesday, June 7, at 20:00 – in Jerusalem (Jerusalem Theater, Henry Crown Hall);
June 8, Wednesday, at 20:00 – in Nes-Zion (“Geyhal ha-Tarbut”).
June 10, Friday, at 20:00 – additional concert in Tel Aviv (Tel Aviv University, Smolarsh auditorium);
Saturday, June 11, at 20:00 – additional concert in Haifa (Auditorium Hall)
Sunday, June 12, at 8 pm – additional concert in Ashkelon (Geyhal al-Tarbut Hall)
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