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The series by Taiki Whitey, author of “Jojo’s Rabbit” and “Real Vampires”, for some time occupied the tops of views on HBO Max and even managed to remove from the throne “Euphoria”. We almost don’t talk about the show – and in vain. This is a nice comedy about the real “pirate gentleman” Steed Bonnet, a simple aristocrat who got tired of a boring life and went to explore the seas with a team of thugs. In the hands of Whitey and screenwriter David Jenkins, the protagonist turns into a naive infantile man who seeks adventure “like in a book” and awkwardly manages ridiculous sailors like himself. The world of Caribbean pirates imbued with blood and rum in “Our Flag Means Death” is nothing more than a playground for adult children who have not found themselves in life and hid in fantasies. Even the great Black Beard (played by Taika himself) suffers from unbearable boredom and is imbued with an unexpected tenderness for Shame.

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