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International Book Donation Day will be held in more than 40 countries on Monday, February 14. This is a day for all lovers of literature – a great reminder that books bring joy when you read them – and then again, when you give joy to others.

The holiday was invented by children’s writer Emma Perry. The mother of two knew firsthand the importance of good books. Therefore, it is not surprising that the action, started in a close circle of friends and neighbors, quickly found like-minded people in different countries. In Russia, the International Book Donation Day unites more and more participants every year. Becoming one of them is very simple – choose books and give them with good wishes or just like that. And, of course, share on social networks – post photos and videos with the hashtags # денькнигодарения # даритекнигислюбовью # книга лучшийподарок.

Here are some tips to help make a gift relevant, necessary, timely – in short, perfect!

  • Interests and hobbies. It is quite easy to please a person who is passionate – thematic gift editions and books from the stars of your favorite topic will come in handy. Choose from new products or, conversely, look for rare editions of recognized masters. In February, a new store “Read the City” opened in Voronezh – there is a large selection of bestsellers, fiction, children’s science fiction. If it is difficult to decide on a choice – gift cards will help. In total in Voronezh eight shops “Read-city”. New – located at: Leninsky Prospect, 174p, shopping center “Maximir”, 3rd floor.
  • News on the topic.
    Film screenings, series based on books, literary awards – just an invaluable source of ideas for a gift. Publishers also give tips: a novelty in the series “Life is beautiful!” – literally a happy wish in hardcover, and the book from the series “Intellectual bestseller” will appeal to the owner of a sharp mind.
  • Life events.
    The bookstore is ready to support any important experience of your loved one – suitable books are for those who are expecting a child or going to make repairs, bring a dog or buy a ticket to a dance studio, preparing to travel to a new country or just returned from an exciting journey. Think of something unusual and important that has happened to a loved one recently – he will appreciate your attention.
  • Hints in conversations. Any detail can give a hint. What books does a famous person recommend that your friend admired the other day? What will help to understand the investments in which you have recently become interested? Which authors from the country you are fascinated by will you appreciate? Even if your communication is reduced to complaints about lack of time – look for a suitable gift among time management books, self-care manuals, energy recovery techniques.
  • Wish books. Sometimes the most important thing is immediately visible. Françoise Bourdain’s new novel “Looking at the Sea” (16+) will be appreciated by those who miss the sandy beaches. The book about relationships under the warm title “I’m at home with you” (16+) will be a meaningful gift to a special person.

Here are five more books from “Read citiesWhich will be a good gift.

The book life of Nina Hill, (16+)

Abby Waxman

People who love books especially love people like themselves. Nina Hill is definitely one of them – a bookstore employee most of all likes to be alone to go on another book trip. But the introvert’s established life ends when it is discovered that Nina has a whole bunch of fucking relatives about whom she knew nothing. And they are determined to become one family.

There lived an old man and an old woman, (16+)

Elena Katishonok

The story of “lived long and happily” is only more real. After all, everyone knows that in life, unlike fairy tales, everything happens. But the heroes of the novel by Elena Katishonok, the winner of the Yasnaya Polyana award, remain together in grief and joy. Because they are a family. A touching, sincere, profound book that leaves hope for the best.

Conan Doyle is on the defense. A true story about the sensational British assassination, errors of justice and the famous author of detective stories(16+)

Margalit Fox

Arthur Conan Doyle is one of the most famous detective writers. But few people know that he was also a public figure, a defender of the unjustly convicted. Journalist Margalit Fox has written a book for those who like non-standard angles. In it, the author of Sherlock Holmes saves his friend from death by using the method of investigation from famous detectives.

Parsnip. Hostage of eternity(16+)

Dmitry Bykov

A study of the classics, written with love and attention to the individual – for those who want more. The book about one of the greatest Russian poets of the XX century Boris Pasternak presents not only his life and work, but also the richness of the inner world in emotions and actions. A real declaration of love for the author and a new interpretation of the novel “Doctor Zhivago”, which played a fatal role in his life.

Historics: Story-based marketing in the post-advertising world(12+)

Robert McKee, Tom Jeras

Young children and serious adults love stories. Today, storytelling is one of the main tools for promoting goods, services or personal brands. The ability to keep attention, fascinating storytelling, intrigue and make you wait for the outcome – will help not only to become a star in any company, but also to build a career, find your audience and implement the most ambitious plans.

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