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Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne in Batman
Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne in Batman

Bruce Wayne (Robert Pattinson) has been patrolling the streets of Gotham in Batman costume for the second year in a row, but he can’t keep the balance between the secular life of the handsome rich man and the affairs of the People’s Avengers. Unfortunately, the city begins to terrorize the Riddler (Paul Dano) – a mad vigilante who believes that evil must be fought with fists. Matt Reeves, the director of the nonsensical blockbuster Planet of the Apes: Revolution, makes Batman darker and closer to the original than all previous adapters. On the one hand, it’s a big and stylish Hollywood movie with first-rate stars (Colin Farrell, Zoe Kravitz) and mesmerizing action scenes. On the other hand, there is the author’s neo-noir about the facets of morality, which offers an outrageously bold look at the nature of the Dark Knight. Three hours fly by unnoticed, and I want to see the sequel immediately after the final titles.

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Life syndrome

Frame from the movie
Frame from the movie “Syndrome of Life”

Mermaid star Maria Shalayeva has released a feature film debut about the crisis and troubled marriage. Elizaveta Petrova (Svetlana Nemolyaeva) buried her husband and was left alone with an indifferent daughter. When a woman goes through the things of her dead husband, she reveals a terrible secret: it turns out that her lover had an affair on the side, in Paris, and even managed to conceive a child. Unable to find support from loved ones, Elizaveta Petrovna begins to take the first steps towards an independent and eventful life. Shalaeva’s first film turned out to be moderately chamber and “quiet”, but this does not prevent him from charming the audience. Probably, the future of our isolated Russian cinema is behind such independent and emotional debuts.

Available for viewing in Russian online cinemas.

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Survive the game

Bruce Willis as David in the frame of
Bruce Willis as David in the frame of “Survive the Game”

Following the news of Bruce Willis’ illness, which is preparing the Hollywood actor to end his career, the star’s recent films are no longer perceived as sarcastic. “Survive the Game” is an ideal movie for wires: ridiculous, cheap, completely optional, but a bitter reminder of the idol’s unfortunate illness. Cops and drug dealers apply for the plot to the former veteran, and now a lone widowed farmer (he, however, is not played by Willis, and Chad Michael Murray). Two warring troops soon appear in the middle of the house, and the green grass is rapidly repainted in blood red. Fans of low-budget pathetic militants will be delighted.

Available for viewing in Russian online cinemas.

Old Henry

Tim Blake Nelson as Henry McCarthy in
Tim Blake Nelson as Henry McCarthy in “Old Henry”

An injured man with a bag full of money (Scott Hayes) comes to the site of an ordinary farmer Henry (Tim Blake Nelson) and his son (Gavin Lewis). He claims that he is a sheriff and is followed by an armed gang of thugs. Soon the bandits will really show up, but, according to them, this poor fellow is not a servant of the law, but just another criminal. In short, each of the heroes is hiding something. Including Henry himself: he also has a lot of surprises for uninvited guests.

According to the plot, “Old Henry” sounds like the most typical western: the secret hero is overtaken by his dark past, and now he is forced to get a gun and fight alone against everyone. After repeated revisions of the genre, the local psychological drama, frankly, can do little to surprise. But she’s not trying. The main advantage of “Old Henry” – in its minimalism. This is a movie where there is absolutely nothing superfluous: only bare nerves and pure plasticity of naturalistic shootings. Tim Blake Nelson, who is more often in the background (especially loved by the Cohen brothers, he played them in “Oh, where are you, brother” and “The Ballad of Buster Scraggs”), finally gave the lead role he long deserved .

Available for viewing in Russian online cinemas.

You are far, you are close

Frame from the movie
Frame from the movie “You’re far, you’re close”

Lucky (Hannah Hextra) and Miles (James Floyd) accidentally met at the airport and called FaceTime in the midst of a coronavirus epidemic. Two different people from different parts of the world were closer than they could have imagined. Although the film by Oscar nominee Paula van der Ust speculates on the weary trends of recent years (lockdown setting, desktop format), it is difficult to accuse it of banality. Yes, a story about love at first sight and a rum about a relationship at a distance – the height of originality – and yet the Dutch director manages to revive hopeless capital truths. First of all, this is, of course, the merit of the main actors: that Hextra and Floyd are ideal movie lovers, even if their characters are separated by thousands of kilometers and the iPhone screen.

Available for viewing in Russian online cinemas.

Walks together

A scene from the movie
A scene from the movie “Walking together”

Auden spent all her childhood diligently studying at school, but before college she decides to enjoy life to the fullest. She comes to her father and spends sleepless nights off the coast. One day, the heroine meets the mysterious guy Elijah: he says little about himself, but makes Auden experience feelings that were previously unfamiliar to her. Netflix continues to storm viewers with its naive teenage melodramas. It is unlikely that “Walks for Two” will be able to surprise connoisseurs of the genre, but it will certainly be the perfect background noise in the evening. The beach, cycling, the languid heat and the first romantic relationship – things that will melt any, even the hardest heart.

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