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new film about “Alien” found a famous director

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Ridley Scott, however, still can not do.

The director of the first films about bloodthirsty xenomorphs this time will cost only the producer’s chair, but the main one on the set will be Fede Alvarez, who made, among other things, the sensational thriller “Don’t Breathe”. At the same time, other details of the new “Alien” leaked to the Web.

The idea for the film was proposed to Ridley Scott a few years ago by Alvarez himself, and if it were not for an interesting idea, the project would not have reached production, said 20th Century representatives in a comment for The Hollywood Reporter:

“If it weren’t for the interesting pitch (presentation of my idea – ed. Note), the project wouldn’t have been launched. Alvarez is a huge fan of the horror universe. Scott liked the connection. “

In addition, THR notes that Fede plans to make a completely independent “Alien” with new characters that have nothing to do with previous films in the franchise.

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