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Esther is the supposed name of the great-grandmother of the writer, Russian journalist Katya Petrovskaya. From the story of (it seems) Esther, who died in Kiev in 1941, began and was born the most important autofiction novel about the history of the family, caught in the funnel of history of the twentieth century. Together with the author we study the archives on Lubyanka and meet my cousin, who shot at the German ambassador, my great-grandfather, who taught deaf children to speak, a family who voluntarily left for Babi Yar, Katya herself, who had to learn German to write everything , about which the Russian language is silent.

“A Story That Can’t Be Told” by J. Casper Kramer (Scooter Publishing House, translated from English by Alena Shcherbakova)

This tale begins with the words “Once something happened. And it wouldn’t have happened – and there would be nothing to tell. ” The plot of this book is completely fictional, but based on the real history of Romania’s end 80’s years – the aging dictator is passing more and more terrible laws, the secret police is watching the citizens, you can read, watch and listen only to permitted movies, books and music. The beloved uncle of 10-year-old Ilyana, who loves to compose and listen to stories, is missing somewhere, because there is nothing more important than their preservation and distribution.

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