“Never be her TV presenter”: Channel One refused Anastasia Volochkova – News

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The former prima donna of the Bolshoi Theater wanted to take a decisive step on TV. However, no one is waiting for her on the country’s main federal channel.

About this reports “Express newspaper”.

Nikolai Tsiskaridze aired the program “Tonight” on Channel One. Anastasia Volochkova was delighted to learn that Nikolai Tsiskaridze had played the role of host. According to her, she can also apply for the role of the second presenter. By the way, the ballerina offered her candidacy for TV.

Volochkova noted that they actually have a lot in common with Nikolai. After all, they are always on everyone’s lips with him. The actress also noted that with her the program will be even more positive. According to secular columnist Levan Todua, the former ballerina was denied. In his opinion, Volochkova just wanted PR, but she will never become a TV presenter.

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