Netrebko’s career is doomed, the critic is sure

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The singer will not be accepted anywhere now.

Anna Netrebko finally spoke about the difficult situation in the world, which not everyone liked. The opera singer lost her job in Russia, but in European countries she is in no hurry to be released.

The forecast for Anna’s future career was voiced by a music critic Alexey Ostudin. Unfortunately, the expert voiced gloomy guesses.

According to Ostudin, neither Western nor Russian listeners need Netrebko.

“She will not be understood there, and she will not be forgiven here. It’s very hard. I have boundless sympathy for Anna. We now live in a world where every word you say can lead to financial and reputational damage.

It may cost a career. In the case of Anna, it is difficult to predict how the story will develop further, “the portal quotes critics. “MK”.

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