Netizens’ reaction to the news of Chen’s participation (EXO) in the upcoming SMTOWN concert in Japan

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Recently were published posters of the upcoming concert “SMTOWN LIVE 2022: SMCU Express @ Tokyo”. It became known that this concert was the first confirmed event Chena from EXO after his return from the army.

Netizens could not pass by this news without expressing their opinion on it, both positive and, of course, negative.

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“We love you so much, our vocal king Chen. I’m so glad we can hear him sing on SMTOWN again, that’s why I want to cry 🥺❤️❤️🎉 »

«SMTOWN IN TOKYO!?! ??! ЧЕН ???? 😭😭 »

“Soon we will hear Chonde’s live vocals again 🤍”

“This August, Chen will take part in the SMTOWN concert in Tokyo! Good luck to everyone who buys tickets! Please give our Chen love! Japan is sooooo far from me. I hope that maybe this summer we will get his 3rd album! I need Chenny’s new album! ”

“They really just waited for Chen’s return to announce SMTOWN in Japan 🥺”

“SM will hold an offline SMTOWN concert, and Chen is one of the participants 😭 WE WILL FINALLY SEE THE NATIONAL VOCALIST’S PERFORMANCE ON STAGE”


«Kant, Yunho, Onyu, Irene, Chen. Awesome lineup lol »

“I will refuse”

“Chen !!!”

“You now have a second child, ajossi, take better care of the children”

“He’s still in EXO? »

“Today’s topical good news has arrived: my Chonde is working!”

“Doesn’t he have a newborn baby?” lol go take care of the kids »

“No, he’s not even retired yet, and SM doesn’t seem to want to let him go, so can’t they at least just make him a solo artist?”

“It’s so nice to see Chen there!”

“Wow lol he’s seriously so unscrupulous”

“Even Japanese fans do not react well and say it spoils the atmosphere”

«CHEN !! I’m so glad to see his name. I was afraid he would end up like that Сонмин»

“I am so glad that Chen is back, even with the stupid “cancellation” of Korean fans “

“I expected SM to pretend he had hiatus”

“Oh my God, I can’t adequately describe the relief I felt when I saw Chen on the list. I was so worried that SM was going to ignore him, but that seems like a good sign! ”

“Chen is going to perform ??? 😭😭God !!!!! ✨✨”

“Thank you, EXO, for the fact that you are defending your members and for the fact that you are such amazing people for your group. Thank you for being close to Chonde, and so glad to see the support he receives from SM! I am very happy! ”


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