Netizens reacted ambiguously to a photo of Shuhua from (G) I-DLE, which she sent to fans privately at the Universe

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Shuhua caused a mixed reaction from netizens over a photo she allegedly sent privately to a fan on the Universe app.

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On April 4, Wikitree media reported that some users of the network received a photo of the Taiwanese participant (G) I-DLE, Shuhua. The photo was sent through the K-Pop Universe online community app.

According to network users, Shuhua photographed her feet on the bathroom floor and sent the photo to fans via the Universe platform along with the message: “Now I’m pooping».

(G) I-DLE Shuhua

Although the action and the message Shuhua were innocent, her alleged personal message to fans provoked mixed reactions.

Some users of the network took her photo calmly and did not see anything wrong with it. Some comments from network users said:

“Is there something wrong with this kind of message?”

“What’s wrong with this photo? She did not photograph her feces. “

“Doesn’t she just be friendly? She’s just trying to get closer to the fans. “

“Only those who have paid for Universe can see her post. What’s wrong with him? ”

At the same time, other users of the network expressed the opposite opinion and considered actions Shuhua “Disgusting” and said that she should not have published such a photo.

(G) I-DLE Shuhua

«Honestly, I was a little shocked. “

“I think she bent the stick with childhood.”

“So disgusting.”

“Why did she take such a photo and post it?”

“She shouldn’t have posed like that in the photo.”

“It shattered all my notions of idols.”

What do you think about this participant’s post (G) I-DLE?

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