Netizens praise the fashionable image of Vi (BTS) with a bag of its own design

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March 28 BTS traveled to the United States to attend this year’s Grammy Awards and several concerts in Las Vegas.

The members of the group were spotted at Incheon International Airport and attracted a lot of attention thanks to their fashionable images. In particular, the participant you attracted attention by appearing with the Mute Boston Bag, which he developed himself.

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As soon as the pre-sale opened, the bag was instantly sold out. Therefore, many fans were left without the opportunity to get it.

Fans and non-fans were impressed by the stylish outfit youas he matched his entire image so that it matched the bag perfectly. He was wearing a shirt with a floral print on buttons, a brown jacket and loose khaki pants.

Here are some of Netizen’s comments:

«His aura is just crazy»

«This style suits him»

«His clothes go perfectly with the bag»

«I really wanted this bag, but it was sold out»

«He looks so cool»

«His outfit is so sensibly chosen»

«I like this image of him at the airport»

«Oh, wow, this bag is so cute»

«His outfit is so beautiful»

«I tried to buy this bag three times and all the time I failed»

«He has a good sense of style»

«I love this image»

«The bag is very suitable for these clothes»

«I like his shirt and this bag. They go well together»

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