Netizens have revealed the reason why popular idols like Chan Won of IVE are getting so much hate online

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Being an idol is not an easy task. You have to follow grueling schedules in a strict diet, but you can not give up privacy and communication with friends and family. Mental instability is especially negative when you become the object of meaningless hatred. While some agencies are working to condemn such network trolls, others may just give up. It is believed that hatred on the Internet is most often directed at rising and popular idols. One such example is the idol, who receives a huge amount of hatred every day Chan Won from IVE.

Debuting at an early age, she envied many teenagers and even adults. Although her life may seem ideal to the public: unlimited luxuries, a stable income and an active lifestyle, It stinks – One of the celebrities who are the most criticized and hated. For example, in 2019, she was hated primarily for her facial expressions captured on video, which then quickly spread on the Internet.

Although it was claimed that she had a habit of rolling her eyes due to dryness when wearing contact lenses, netizens did not buy it.

Here are just a couple of examples of “hate” that It stinks receives from times FROM * ONE.

«What she really is can be judged only by the way she shows such a facial expression in front of the camera barely making her debut»

«I’m surprised that such a facial expression can have a high school student»

«It looks like rumors of school bullying from the outside Chan Won true haha ​​Those who say it’s just rumors are no different than those who say the same about Lee Cheon, Kim Sohyu and So Jisu»

«Looks like she can’t hide it because she’s too young»

«They say it’s because of contact lenses, but look at the corners of the lips. And her facial expression is kind of sour»

Recently, one of the netizens told why the girl is so hated on the Internet. While some of the negative comments may come from those who are taking revenge on her, some may be the result of the work of specially hired workers. Network user under the nickname aeSooman exposed a hater who hired people to upload negative comments about the poor girl.

The text of the announcement was as follows:

«I’m looking for someone who will comment on the videos with me from today Chan Won on Youtube and complain about her facial expression. I’ll give you 50 won (about $ 0.04) for short comments and 100 won (about $ 0.08) for long ones. I hope that many will take part. For example, long comments can be of the following type: “She looks like a person who takes drugs in clubs; Why is the young girl behaving like that? Deliberately making sexual facial expressions… oh… is too harmful for young children».

After this became known, many users of the network expressed their concern for It stinks and condemned the hater.

«It’s disgusting how they can even use money to post hateful comments about a minor»

«Why do they do it at all? They must be punished by the law»

«Can such people coexist in society…?»

«Giving someone 100 won to criticize someone else… The funny thing is that they want to hate someone, but they clearly don’t have the money. These haters need financial treatment»

«Please, why not do the same with celebrities who get drunk behind the wheel or something like that…»

Phenomena such as the use of employees to write hateful comments are not uncommon in South Korea. This type of part-time job can be used both for streaming music and for music videos. It is to be hoped that entertainment companies will take this as a signal to provide better welfare and care for their artists and to take responsibility for litigation with ill-wishers.

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