Netizens criticized a photo of G-Dragon from BIGBANG

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Mr. Dragon from BIGBANG – style icon №1. Everything he does becomes a trend because of his attractive appearance and unique sense of style. However, his image in new photos has amazed fans and users of the network.

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In particular, photos have been posted on social networks Mr. Dragon at an art exhibition on April 24, and users of the network literally did not recognize the idol. According to them, his clothes looked unsuitable for the event and were rumpled, his dyed hair was faded and his skin was all stained, which is why Mr. Dragon looked older. As a result, many network users claim that appearance and style Mr. Dragon were quite bad, and only a few think he still stands out in his unique way.

Mr. Dragon is known to always look unique, but this time network users did not approve of its image. Some even compared the idol to Justin Bieber before marriage and called him “uncle”.

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