Netizens consider NMIXX’s Solun the best 4th generation visual

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Solun from NMIXX has attracted online attention with its stunning visual effects.

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On February 22, a new women’s group debuted JYP Entertainment with the song “OO”. Since her debut as a participant NMIXX constantly hit the headlines, and this time Solun attracted the attention of network users with its stunning visual effects. On February 25, a message in the popular online community became a trend after photos were published in it Solun.

Netizens showered in the comments Solun compliments, including stating that she is the best visual of the 4th generation of k-pop.

“In my opinion, it is the best visual of the 4th generation. How can you be so beautiful? ”

“She is beautiful. She literally looks like a doll. “

“I haven’t seen idol girls more like a doll for a long time. She’s amazing. “

«Solun so beautiful. ” Top 3 visuals of the 4th generation along with It stinks and Young«.

“I can’t wait for her to become more polished, like a celebrity, if she looks so good on her debut.”

“I am not sure she is so great. Yes, she is beautiful, but not very beautiful. “

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