Netizens are surprised: men’s groups are selling millions of albums, but their songs are not on the charts

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Several ways to evaluate the success of an artist’s album are to look at the number of album sales, as well as the ranking of songs in the music charts.

Usually the number of copies sold shows the size of the artist’s fandom, because it is the fans who buy physical albums.
The charts reflect more how popular the band is with the general public. This is because the place in the ranking of the music chart depends on the number of listens on each song of the artist.

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Recently, a netizen published a post in the popular Korean online community asking what was going on with male idol bands, pointing out that they sell millions of copies of albums but do not achieve high results in the ratings of music shows.

Netizen, who created this post, explained: “Bands sell millions of copies of albums, but the songs that can be seen on the music charts are just songs BTS and BTOB».

Here is what other network users answered:

«This is a very interesting question… there are many bands that I see articles about that have sold millions of albums, but I don’t know the name of the band and have never heard of them, but interestingly, girl bands often appear on the music charts, even if they are novice groups»

«This is because guys don’t listen to men’s bands, and girls don’t listen to idols either»

«I think it’s because a lot of men’s bands are now targeting other countries, not music charts.»

«I know that many second-generation boy bands hit the charts because a lot of people liked their songs.»

«People don’t listen to their songs, although they have a lot of good tracks, and I don’t think they pay that much attention to streaming.»

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