Navka’s daughter in a dress with a collar “Claudine” and a scarlet scarf appeared at the church

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Tatiana Navka wished people well on Easter day.

Tatiana Navka. Photo: Global Look Press

Olympic figure skating champion Tatiana Science turned to her fans a day Easter.

“On this bright holiday, such a warm feeling of grace and joy descends on me. The longer I live, the more I realize that a harmonious inner world, inner message and commandments of God help us to be happy, beautiful and multifaceted people.

You know, sometimes you look at a man in his eighties, and his eyes are burning, he is alive, active, handsome and not old at all! And I sincerely believe that such a person lives with God inside, in harmony with himself and the world, does not violate the commandments of God, does not envy. His beauty of soul, happiness and youth can be seen with the naked eye, because it seems to shine from within!

Therefore, on this holiday, I sincerely wish us all inner light and God’s grace, “Tatiana wrote on her social networks.

Nadia Peskova.
Nadia Peskova. Photo: social networks

Tatiana Navka illustrated the holiday message with a photo of Nadenka’s youngest daughter. The heiress appeared at the temple in a black dress with a collar “Claudine” and a scarlet scarf on her head.

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