Navalny’s book of court speeches is one of the best-selling in Germany

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Released in early August in Germany Alexei Navalny’s book of court speeches “Don’t be silent!” was ranked 19th in the top twenty best-selling non-fiction hardcover books by Der Spiegel. The book also ranked fifth among the best-selling German political publications on Amazon.

According to Deutsche Welle, the thin book, which is less than 100 pages long, includes four speeches made by Navalny after his return to Russia and his arrest at Sheremetyevo Airport on January 17, 2021.

The first speech was made on January 18 at a court hearing on the extension of the detention period at the Khimki City Department of Internal Affairs. It is published under the title “Do not be afraid – go out on the streets.”

On February 2, a speech was given at the trial for violating the conditions of the probation period in the Yves Rocher case. It is entitled “Vladimir the Poison Rabbit. That’s how he will go down in history.”

The third speech – “Russia will be happy!” – pronounced at the appeal hearing in the same case “Yves Rocher” in the Moscow City Court on February 20.

On the same day in the Babushkin court, where the case of “slander of a veteran” was heard, Navalny delivered a speech entitled “The authors use the past because you do not want to talk about the present.”

The originals of the speeches in Russian are also given in the bilingual collection. The translator of Alexander Berlin believes that “the most difficult thing was to convey in German the oral component” of Navalny’s speeches, as he did not read on paper the passages written in advance. According to the translator, in his words the energy of the street rally is felt.

The book concludes with concise information about the sentences and a small reference device.

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