“Natives”. Vitaly Mansky’s documentary

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Director: Vitaly Mansky

Country: Latvia, Germany, Estonia, Ukraine


Vitaly Mansky, a Russian citizen born in the Soviet Union in Lviv, roams Ukraine and finds out how many of his relatives live today. After all, their life, like in a mirror, reflects how the whole people of Ukraine live today after the revolution on the Maidan. The director’s relatives have settled in different parts of the country: some live in his native Lviv, others in Odessa, some in the separatist zone of Donbass, and some in the Crimea, in Sevastopol. The main leitmotif of the film is to identify the causes of the conflict, as a result of which the citizens of the once united country, including members of the director’s family, find themselves on opposite sides of the barricades. The film tells the story of events that take place here and now. The starting point is the flight of ex-President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych to Russia. In addition to the main plot line, the film has a powerful historical connotation, revealing hypotheses about the deep roots of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine – countries that have been closely linked for centuries.

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