Natasha Korolyova explained her son’s zeal for the stage

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The singer and her son perform in the show “Two Stars. Fathers and children. ”

Natasha Korolyova admitted what was the reason for her son’s sudden interest in the stage.

The singer clarified that Arkhip was never actively interested in the stage, but now he has even decided to take part in the show “Two Stars. Fathers and children. “

“Arkhip has grown up, there is a lot of female attention. Probably, he decided to stand out in the eyes of girls, to be not just Archippus, but a guy who sings, flashes on TV, “- said the singer.

However, the son is not going to linger in show business. Archippus chose a completely different direction. The singer’s heir is fluent in Japanese and even earns pocket money by teaching.

“He has the most beautiful main path, which he has been following purposefully for many years. Arkhip is a Japanese linguist, he has the most difficult language, he studies at university, teaches, he has students, he already earns his own money, they just write little and talk about it, ”the Queen said in an interview with Wday.

His mother admitted that Archippus became interested in Japan at the age of ten.

“I went there every year, lived in families. Arkhip speaks excellent Japanese and is very promising in this direction, ”says Natasha.

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