Natalia Gvozdikova danced at the funeral

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The famous actress gave free rein to emotions.

An evening in memory of the former head of the State Film Fund Nikolai Borodachev was held at the Cinema House. Among the guests of the event were Larisa Luzhina, Natalia Gvozdikova, Sergei Novozhilov and many other representatives of the old school of domestic cinema.

After the official part, the guests went upstairs to a local restaurant and continued an impromptu evening there.

Trying to defuse the atmosphere on this sad evening, actress Natalia Gvozdikova decided to perform the song “Moscow Golden-headed”.

In the words of “High school girls ruddy, a little drunk from the cold, // Gracefully knock the white snow off the ring” Natalia Fedorovna began to dance cheerfully.

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