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Natalia Friske took her daughter in her arms for the first time

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“It’s a kind of magical feeling when you carry a person under your heart for 9 months, and then at one point he is in your arms. To be honest, I still don’t understand anything yet, but she is so delicious, so beautiful, so beloved! When her little handles grab my finger, I have so the heart beats. Now I know what happiness looks like and smells like, ”Friske admitted.

Fans of the artist congratulated her on such a joyful event. “Health to you and the baby, endless happiness! And may you always be overwhelmed by such emotions as these days! ”,“ The best feeling on Earth! There is one more happy mother in the world “,” Congratulations with the birth of a daughterthis is such happiness “, – bloggers write.

Natalia Friske’s father commented on the birth of her granddaughter. Vladimir Friske called his granddaughter a heroine and assured that she was very similar to her mother.

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