Nastya Ivleeva from Agent Girl became the “Queen of Potatoes”

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The blogger complained that she could not change the name of the channel, invented in a hurry.

Nastya Ivleeva. Photo: Global Look Press

Like many other stars, against the background of news about the blocking of Instagram, a popular blogger Nastya Ivleeva started an official channel in Telegram.

However, in the new social network, the 31-year-old girl did not register under her own name or under the promoted nickname Agent Girl. For some reason, she was able to create a verified profile only under the name “Queen of Potatoes”.

“I have only one question: why did I get a jackdaw as ‘Queen of Potatoes’ and not ‘Agent Girl’?” It is no longer possible to rename, – Anastasia wrote in the Telegram on March 13. “Why am I so stupid?” Hooray, 2022, my name is Nastya, I’m 31 years old, and I’m the Queen of Potatoes! ”

“Because” girl “is not a Russian word”, “Almost like His Potato”, “Reached a new level”, “The Queen of Potatoes also sounds good”, “What a difference, the main thing is that the Queen”, – Ivleyev was supported by her fans in comments.

And one of the subscribers noted that the daw can be canceled, then change the name of the channel and again request official confirmation from the social network.

It will be recalled that Ivleeva noted the news about the restriction of Instagram big party with his team. Unlike many bloggers, Nastya managed to escape from social networks on television, and the current events are not so terrible for her.

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