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A stylist came to Nastenka Volochkova’s house.

We sat, had a snack, dyed Nastya’s hair. Everything was very emotional, I think.

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But. That damn “but” is always there.

Evaluate the result of the work of a stylist?

Volochkova immediately boasted of a new hairstyle to the sounds of the piano. The stylist, as it turned out, also sings. Very much, I repeat, mentally.

But you still pay attention to Nastya’s hair. More precisely, on their remains, through which the entire interior of her house shines through.

Nastya has very few hairs. They are very weak. You can’t sew anything on them or even attach them to hairpins. There is nothing to collect even in a microscopic tail.

And that’s all Volochkova stubbornly continues to burn perhydrol. What does she want? Alopecia?

There and so already the skull shines through.

When a woman loses her hair as a result of an illness, it is a tragedy. When she voluntarily burns their leftovers for a snack, it’s nonsense.

I understand: Nastya never had good hair. But no matter what they were. It was not dense, but not critical. And now Volochkova has a hairstyle on her head called “Sweet Remnants”.

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Take care of your hair, women! Want them, cherish them and choose the latter between the desire to be blonde and a woman with at least normal hair.

Have you had periods of “bad hair” in your life? Coped?

I have – yes.

Once upon a time, a grief-stylist robbed me of a blade. As I recall – so shudder. It took a very long and painful time to restore everything.

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