Namjo from Apink – five interesting facts

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Kim Nam Jooknown by the stage pseudonym Namju participant APinkApril 15 celebrated her birthday, in honor of this joyful event, we decided to share with you five interesting facts about the singer.

Fact 1.

Before the debut in the group APink Namju has already tried her hand in the entertainment industry, starring in a commercial for LG Electronicswhen she was just six, in 2003

Fact 2.

Did you know that before the debut APink, Namju and her bandmates starred in the band’s music video BEAST (now known as Highlight) on the song «Beautiful«.

Fact 3.

In the past Namju told that from a young age she was a fan of the participant Onyu from SHINee, as she considered him very cool and with a beautiful voice. Besides that Namju was a fan Onyushe also once chose a participant SHINee as your ideal type! In the past Namju said that her ideal type is one who does not have double eyelids, who has a good facial expression and voice, and one who is innocent and sexy at the same time.

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Apink Namjoo

Fact 4.

Like many of her bandmates APink, Namju also tried to start her own acting career. From 2015 to 2016 Namju starred as a leading actress in the drama “Investigator Alice»For two seasons. And from 2017 to 2018, she also starred in two seasons of the drama.Bad guys«.

Apink Namjoo

Namju also takes part in musical performances, she played a role Juliet in the play “Romeo and Juliet«. Most recently Namju played a role Hannah in the musical «Midnight Sun ».

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