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MOSCOW, June 12. / TASS /. The rating of the works of one of the most widely read contemporary Russian writers Dmitry Glukhovsky was headed by the book “Text”, TASS was told in the book service “Liters”.

Dmitry Glukhovsky, author of such works as “Text”, “Post”, “Metro 2033”, celebrates his birthday on Saturday. To date, Liters has compiled a rating of the author’s most popular books, found out which works are most popular with readers and listeners, and analyzed the words that the writer uses most often in his books.

“It turned out that in the first place among the Russians – the bestseller” Text “, which was published in 2017, and in 2019 was screened,” – said the service. This work is the best-selling book by the author on “Liters”.

In second place – science fiction novel “Post” in audio format, which was voiced by the author himself. Closes the top three is also an audiobook – a post-apocalyptic work “Metro 2033” about the lives of people in the Moscow metro after the nuclear war. In fourth place – the novel “Future”, in fifth place – a sequel to the aforementioned “Metro 2033” – “Metro 2034” in the audio version.

As for the analysis of the vocabulary of Glukhovsky’s works, it turned out that the noun “tunnel” is used by the writer 50 times more often than other authors, “station” – 25 times more often, “metro” – 23 times more often. And the adjectives “red” and “black” are 2.5 times more common. The most popular location in his works is Moscow (445 mentions), in second place – VDNH (171), in third place – Europe (144). Then come Barcelona (107), Russia (73), Earth (63) and the Kremlin (59).

Dmitry Glukhovsky was born on June 12, 1979 in Moscow. He graduated from the Faculty of Social Sciences of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem with a degree in journalism and international relations. He worked as a journalist in Russia and abroad. He wrote his first novel, Metro 2033, in 2002 and published it online. In 2005 the book was published by the publishing house. Later, Glukhovsky will write “Metro 2034” and “Post”, anti-utopian novels “Metro 2035” and “Future”, the novel “Text” and the mystical “Twilight”, “Stories of the Motherland”. The writer received the Nick Award for his screenplay for the film “Text”.

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