named the culprit in the breakup of Handa Erchel and Kerem Bursin

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The celebrities parted ways earlier this year.

Actors Hande Erchel and Kerem Bursin broke up due to pressure from their managers. The producers were confident that this would help develop their careers.

A few weeks ago, the Turkish media reported that the agents of the stars of the series “Knock on My Door” were to blame for the breakup. Earlier, journalists did not have the necessary evidence, but now they have the necessary information. As it turned out, the official parting of the artists was staged, and after a while the young people actually got into a serious fight and broke up.

As the portal writes RusTurkey.com, fans do not doubt the veracity of this information. Attentive fans have noted that conversations with close friends of celebrities look “strange”, and many materials on the separation of Bursin and Erchel are similar to commissioned articles. As it turned out, they were published after the fake break.

The stars themselves do not comment on their personal lives. According to Bursin, he tries not to communicate with the press, and intends to refute or confirm any information only in exceptional cases.

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