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According to preliminary information, Russian theater, film and television actor Oleg Vavilov has died of cancer. He named the cause of the artist’s death TASS source in medical circles.

It will be recalled that Vavilov’s death at the age of 73 became known on Tuesday, February 22. There is no information about the time and place of the farewell yet.

Oleg Vavilov was born on January 8, 1950 in the city of Termez in Uzbekistan. The actor became most famous for his role as Mr. Zbyszek in the Soviet comedy TV show “Zucchini 13 Chairs”. Vavilov also starred in such films and series as “Strange Woman”, “Eye of God”, “Thank you all! ..”, “There was no sadness”, “Moon in the village”, “Poor Nastya”.

Vavilov’s theatrical career was connected with the Moscow Academic Theater of Satire. The actor also performed at the theater “At the Nikitin Gate” and “Sphere”.

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