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Nadezhda Ermakova, who continues to be friends with Mondezir, is offended by Yulia Efremenkova

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Something on too many of their own Nadezhda Ermakova blacklisted her friends in previous years. She admitted that she was very offended by Yulia Efremenkova, although she maintained good relations with Mondezir. Do not walk the ex-host of House 2 Efremenkova at Nadia’s wedding, which she had to move.

As if Nadezhda Ermakova did not know that it is necessary immediately after leaving the project House 2 Mondezir Svet-Amur will return to his beloved Yule?

Or she is really offended by the jealousy of Efremenkova, who knows the design kitchen very well and suspects Nadia of sympathy for her capricious lover.

If the topic was a project, then why offend Nadezhda on Julia? Maybe Ermakova’s resentment says that Efremenkova is right?

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