My first year. Conflict with the teacher, a strange classmate and music on the phone

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It was the summer of 2008, I was 17 years old. I rested and morally prepared for the beginning of training in the 1st year. At the end of August, in honor of becoming a student, my parents gave me a new phone, the Nokia XpressMusic 5310, because my old one was already breathing incense. It was my first phone with a built-in mp3 player, and from the ability to listen to music anywhere, the quality of my life has increased by an order of magnitude.

On the first day of owning the new device, I downloaded about 5 albums, among which were Buikikaesu (Maximum the Hormone), Actress Spring (DDT), See you on the other side (Korn) and From under the cork tree (Fallout Boy)… And I took ordinary discs, inserted them into a PC with Windows Xp and using Windows Media Player saved them as mp3 files, and only then copied the music to the phone.

Maximum the Hormone – Koi no Megalover

FOR FANS OF DIGITS: I still remember with delight how the first time I inserted a tiny 2 GB micro SD flash drive into XpressMusic. Back then, comparing it to the size of my 120GB computer hard drive, it was obvious that one cubic millimeter of HDD stored significantly less data than the same cubic millimeter of micro SD. My 3.5-inch HDD had standard dimensions: 102 mm x 25 mm x 146 mm, and micro sd – 15 mm x 11 mm x 1 mm. Accordingly, the volume of the HDD is 372300 mm3, and micro sd – 165 mm3. By simple calculations we have the following: one cubic millimeter of 120 GB HDD contains 0.32 MB of data, and one cubic millimeter of 2 GB micro SD contains 12.12 MB of data. It follows that this parameter is 37.87 times higher for the 2 GB micro SD than for the 120 GB HDD. Just fantastic! At that time I did not make such an assessment, and it was not necessary – the result was obvious to the naked eye. Naturally, my calculations also take into account the “non-functional” volume (case, empty space in the hard disk).

I was looking forward to the school year. And with its beginning, every weekday I started to get high when I left home – I plugged in headphones and turned on my favorite music (in the first semester 60% of the time I listened to Maximum the Hormone). Since then I lived with my parents in the country, only to get to the bus stop had to get 20 minutes – it was at a distance of 2.5 km. from our house. And the trip in public transport took half an hour. I usually cut the music to maximum volume – to insert more. At the same time, this way of listening sometimes shocked the passengers. However, no one made any remarks to me. I guess some even enjoyed this hellish mix of snotty pop and raw metal (I’m talking about Maximum the Hormone). Silence in my ears came only after leaving the “autoline”. And I went to class with joy (if the first lecture was a matan or an angel) or sad (in the case of physics).

One of the pleasant effects of mental stress was that my appetite increased greatly. When I returned home on a short school day, I ate two plates of soup, rested for a while, and then went to equestrian training (article about equestrian sports). In the evening I also had a hearty dinner. In fact, my daily routine was not very different from 10th and 11th grade. Studying took the same amount of time. But if at school I was really interested in only half of the subjects, and after classes there was a tedious preparation for entering the institute, then in the first year I enjoyed 80% of couples and worked more productively. So, after a month and a half, my weight increased by 6 kilograms.

Conflict with the teacher

For the first few weeks, I treated the learning process very responsibly and painstakingly writing everything down for lecturers and seminarians. Then I started to use a different strategy: I went to lectures, but I studied other subjects, mostly math and English. And one “beautiful” day, as usual, I was sitting on a matan lecture and doing homework in foreign languages, and in my ears I was playing Maximum the Hormone. I periodically looked at the board and Professor Belov, creating the appearance of work. In one of these episodes, the teacher looked at me and said something. It seemed to me that this was related to the current topic. Then I looked down at the notebook again, but suddenly my neighbor poked me in the side. I took off my headphones and was puzzled that the lecturer was looking straight at me. He said aggressively, “Get out of the auditorium, go to the dean’s deputy and get permission to attend my lectures.” As I was later told, at one point the lecturer said, “I’m tired of working to the accompaniment.” The source of the “accompaniment” was a j-rock band sounding from my headphones.

I had to leave. And did not reach the deputy. dean of his own accord, I was overtaken by him three days in the evening, just after the English seminar. He seemed to be even more furious than Belov. But I showed all my diplomatic skills and regretfully explained the logic of my actions. This softened him a little. The following week, I went to a lecture with a note from the dean, not without excitement, and this time I revealed to him the motives for my inappropriate behavior. A peace agreement was reached, and I no longer allowed myself to put headphones in both ears, let alone turn on the music so loud.

Strange classmate

Returning to my mobile phone, I will reminisce about the sweet memories of digital content. At that time I did not have internet on my PC. However, before the XpressMusic 5310 came out, I went online every few months to connect my father’s cell phone to a computer, just to order new drives for my stitched Nintendo Wii. And it was my new Nokia that really introduced me to the World Wide Web, albeit on a 240×320 pixel screen.

I had very little experience with a full-fledged Internet, so I was amazed that I can find absolutely any information about everything in the world. First of all, I was interested in java games, articles about the esoteric and the paranormal, and photos of beautiful graceful Asians.

A beautiful Asian

My classmate Vyacheslav taught me the intricacies of finding games. My first encounter with him took place before the beginning of my studies during the meeting of the entrants to the institute. Slava was a little late, and when he entered the auditorium, the dean asked him: “What faculty did you go to?”, To which Slavik replied: “I came here.” Naturally, the students burst out laughing.

Glory was a genius in programming. He showed me programs he had written back in school. Among them was a three-dimensional engine as in the first Doom’e and a self-written version of the game “Balls”, which he wrote because he had a version for DOS and after switching to Windows, his mother could no longer play it. Slavik was also a fairly advanced mapper for the first and second Doom. I saw the locations he created, and I liked them. In appearance, Slava was an extremely unusual character: thin, with light unshaven hair, with clothes a couple of sizes larger than required and a strange gait, he seemed to be teleported from an American film about college geeks. The manner of communication corresponded to his appearance: when the teacher asked him about something, Slava could answer: “Its easy”, but when he was looking for a ruler, he asked his classmates the sacred question: “Where is my ruler?”. I was one of the few students who were friends with him. Although he was strange, it was interesting with him, and he liked to share his knowledge. Thanks to his help, I found a lot of useful content for my mobile phone and also shared with him my own “treasures”.

So, almost every night before going to bed, I liked to read more or less intelligent content on Wikipedia (articles about cars and various electronic devices) and all sorts of nonsense like the story that the girl lost a demon-protector, and a witch with paranormal abilities found her new, using their connections with archdemons. I’m ashamed now, but then I believed in this nonsense. Sometimes I even watched a video on youtube, but one video 3-4 minutes long ate about 200 rubles from the balance.

Java games were a separate story. But I’ll talk about that another time.

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