Mutseniece spoke emotionally about her relationship with Priluchny

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It is not the first time that Agatha Mutseniece says that she misbehaved with her ex-husband.

Pavel Priluchny with Agatha Mutseniece. Photo: Global Look Press

It is difficult to accuse Agatha Mutseniece of lacking self-criticism. In the winter, she publicly repented of her misbehavior with her ex-husband Pavel Priluchny during her divorce from him.

The actress admitted that she needed to be more diplomatic and friendly towards the father of her children for their sake. After all, the daughter and son all see and understand. To smooth out the sharp corners, Mutseniece was the first to meet and invite Priluchny to the heir’s birthday. Now the artists claim that they are connected friendship.

In addition, recently Agatha Mutseniece compared herself with the heroes of the popular series “Clone”, saying that she wanted to be like an attractive Jadi, but began to look like a scandalous Nazir.

Agatha the Martyr. Photo: social networks

And here is another portion of self-criticism from Agatha Mutseniece. In her telegram, she again raised the issue of relations with Pavel Priluchny, noting that followers are too insistent on their personal lives.

“It seemed to you that you are a direct participant in my life (my fault is also in this) and that you decide and influence my destiny, especially my ex-husband’s group!” Agatha was angry.

She said that she would communicate with her ex-husband exactly as she wanted and she did not need anyone’s advice. “We’ll figure out our own dirty laundry!” Said the actress.

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